The Further Shores

In sun and light, I saw you walking there
Along the line of trees where the river runs.
The grass was high, yellowed by the sun.
You waved, laughed, and turned to run
(How good it was to see you run!)
I made to move but the ground was mud.
I stood in darkness, beyond the light,
Standing alone in the dark’ning night.

You sat in the shade beneath a tree,
And laughed at me.

You smiled and stood, pointing:
Across the river, to the farther field, the further shores.
I made to follow. Smiling, you said:
My time has come, not yours.”


One thought on “The Further Shores

  1. This is a poem I wrote about my best friend, Paul. This poem is loosely based on a dream I had about him. He had his hip flexor removed when he was 19, along with a cancerous tumor that ended up coming back to claim the rest of him about five years later. That’s why it was so nice to “see him run”.

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